Quickie Attitude Junior Ποδήλατο
  • Quickie Attitude Junior Ποδήλατο
  • Quickie Attitude Junior Ποδήλατο
  • Quickie Attitude Junior Ποδήλατο
  • Quickie Attitude Junior Ποδήλατο
  • Quickie Attitude Junior Ποδήλατο

Quickie Attitude Junior Hand Bike

Pediatric add-on wheelchair hand-bike Quickie Attitude Junior

Attitude Junior


3 900,00 €


Quickie Attitude Junior handbike is ideal for kids looking to improve their strength and stamina through recreational cycling.

16“ front wheels and the 8 speed hub gearing provide an exceptional driving performance which is perfect for all terrains. And the powerful backpedal brake allows a smooth speed control, ensuring safety throughout. It enables children to go out on the playground and have fun with their friends - without limitations. Lightweight and easily manoeuvrable, this stylish wheelchair bike allows great flexibility while enjoying a nice time outside.

The QUICKIE Attitude Junior was designed to make cycling as comfortable as it can get. Its handle position is ideal for children and supports the pediatric arm ergonomy. At the same time it also enhances the coordination and body awareness of children.

Ready to go in 6 seconds! The docking mechanism on the QUICKIE Attitude bikes is so simple, it just locks securely to the front of the wheelchair – without any need for parts or cluttered wiring around the knees. So there's nothing coming between them and the comfort that they have come to expect from their wheelchair.

The new depth and angle adjustment of the QUICKIE Attitude Junior wheelchair bike ensures an ergonomic well-positioned crank position. This is important for an energy efficient driving experience and gives the freedom to cycle even longer distances.

The 8 speed hub-gearing on the QUICKIE Attitude Junior is perfect for all terrains. Let the adventure begin! Safety is always guaranteed as well - the powerful backpedal brake allows a smooth speed control.

Technical Specifications

Max. User Weight: 100 kg
Front Frame Width: 260 - 460 mm
Weight of Parts on Wheelchair: 170 g
Total Weight: 14,5 kg
Front Wheel Size: 16''
Gearing Shifters: Grip shift
Gearing Speeds: 8 speed hub gearing
V-Crank Width: 240 mm
Crank Length: 110 mm / 130 mm / 150 mm
Brake: Backpedal brake
Colours: 31

Pediatric add-on wheelchair hand-bike Quickie Attitude Junior

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Color 31 χρώματα
Μέγιστο Βάρος Χρήστη έως 100kg
Βάρος Προϊόντος 14,5 kg